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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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i do have some cards jason fried. >> jason fried executive officer of lafco thank you it is a kind milestone for the program not to exceed rates and moving forward it is extremely important i know my commissioners are very excited about this they would be here but at the board of supervisors pacific ocean the procurement legislation that is at equally as important so hopefully by the next time you meet in two weeks you'll have any legislation passed on the second reading and signed by the mayor by the time this meeting happens and have those authority to be issuing the r f o soon thereafter for the power procurement as the process move forward i want to encourage the continuing and
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commissioner moran 42 thank you for more information shared and needed as well as knowing what the community outreach plan looks like i received an e-mail there is a stakeholders meeting next month we'll be getting good feedback on what makes a good outreach program i'm looking forward and sister-in-law that will pass in case you needed encourage to vote yes on the measure thank you. >> let's see okay how much time do i get and 2 minutes. >> 2 minutes okay question can say puc regulate the rate paid by pg&e to sole
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homeowners i'm building a solar powder house of solar panels and selling the energy into the imprisoned whether it goes to pg&e or the power the new york spriblt but analog you'll regulate the pg&e rates so i don't know if you can have an answer to that kind of question but by analog california should be able to do you want a new york superior court system and careful explanation of clean energy the energy sold to the customers is just as toxic as the energy from benjamin e pg&e because of the flimflam the
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renewable energy credits that generates no energy but a paper way of unethically creating energy in other state and sell is it and the customers don't realize they're not getting the energy in marin county okay. thank you very much let me venture a quick answer to our fundamental question this body has the power to regulate it the answer is no if you want a more detailed answer the staff can talk about that after the meeting. >> we control what we do not what pg&e does. >> so you can set the rate for a homeowner selling energy. >> to us. >> to you. >> good thank you for clarification.
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>> okay. thank you. >> and eric brooks. >> good afternoon again eric brooks san francisco green power our city sf and the clean energy a great day the by the time rules for baseball are going to have to reassess their numbers or be in trouble this is a good moment the amendments look fine for commissioner morans amendments look sensible i'll say on that not we do need to really have staff dig into the tariffs and the metering along the lines of what the gentleman was saying we need to better incentivize and feeding the tariffs and metering
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to this customers but keep in mind that while we should do better than pg&e the more we incentivize the customers by giving them a bigger return the fury resources we have for a citywide build out staff needs to flush that out what is a feed in tariff based on that and then finally i'll say that it is key we're south those rates not to exceed rates for another reason this is it will take us a long way towards identifying what exactly our revenues are going to be on which we can leverage bonds to build a citywide build out starts today to get the staff to scope out the local
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installations on homes and businesses and city property and exactly what kinds of jobs this is key to scoping out the jobs phase as well thank you. >> i want to add with power sf we have been waiting years so. >> ms. frameer. >> i'm a thirty year resident of san francisco i want to urge you to approve the rate schedule for sf clean power as quickly as possible given that the parts of carbon in the atmosphere already steady 4 hundred parts per million we are past the point
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where climate change is going to occur and we need to expedite moving to green power as quickly as possible i don't have any children or grandchildren i would regret having to explain our dependence on carbon based energy to any of the independents i have at this time we're burning up their inheritance in terms of the health of the architecture so, please approve the rate schedule as quickly as possible and san francisco moving forward towards the hundred percent clean energy thank you. >> thank you very much mr. row. >> and this is the last speaker card i have. >> hello my name is zach row i'm
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with the sierra club and also a student at the university of san francisco i'd like to say i appreciate you guys are moving forward with sf clean power and i believe that you should take every measure possible to expedite the progress and approve it is incredibly important thank you. >> thank you and while there is writing going on (laughter). >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm kearney didn't turn in a speaker card but she said i can come i'm a .22 year retained and curling the chair of the san francisco sierra club conservation committee i'm here to say i appreciate all the work everybody's has done i like the lower rate we want this to
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succeed and this seems key to have comparative rates although this item doesn't have trouble i'm so happy to be able to say to future adjudications we the something we're going to be investing in local renewables and please let's get those rates going and everything else going. >> thank you, mr. holts. >> thank you commissioner president caen i think this was writing because jess was writing i want to thank the staff i remember august 2013 it was not as happy a day as today some of you were there the program we're looking at is pretty much bettered and you should recognize every opportunity we
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have and at 360 sf and generally all community members in the city are really existed when they hear about this and really wanted to be maximumly successful when i talk about what we are wish working on i talk about sf clean power and trying to move san francisco towards the clean energy we all need and when people hear what they have envisioned up to thirty years of their lives is going to happen in front of them are extremely existed and my hope we'll sell out the thirty megawatts and expand the program as quickly as possible the quickly we'll have and more revenue to the program i want to throw out there that folks and i don't mean the community advocate folks but folks in
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community choice agencies and other similar groups are interested in looking at reforming the pca charge it stays on folks that belies the stated purpose of the pca for power purchased for you they're still charging you and reduced the charges will be increased revenues i encourage you to get involved with our colleagues as that moved over the years. >> good afternoon, commissioners jess is hear as well as the san francisco chapter conservation manage thank you commissioner courtney four moefgs this item. >> for doing that for sf clean power and we're excited to work on the next steps after the not
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to exceed rates we've not gotten to talking about how this program benefits the community where are we're going to be take into account project you know, i kwont couldn't be more excited to be working with the sf puc and the all the stakeholders we're definitely ripe for this moving forward with this and i'm excited to see san francisco leading on climate change thank you and thank you commissioners we have a there is a motion and a second questions or comments. >> i said to make a quick comment sometimes you forgot how e you get to the point a lot of people get credit jason point and articulate and others it makes it easier but sometimes, we forget what happens the shelf
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thing was hard to overcome and campaign of stopping shelf and so our council sophisticated enough to make sure we understand we're prohibited from saying certain things awhile we're in contract but we just can ask as we continue to have those conversations we don't forget about the community outreach we check all the jobs there are good jobs i'm asking the advocates not to lose site as a labor official and with the san francisco labor council that position has not changed in august of 2013 and none of those folks are here i have not been called no one has jagged my chance but in the event i need
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cover you guys can help me out okay (laughter). >> okay. commissioner. >> commissioner general manager. >> i want to to say a couple of things before you take this historic vote i want to give a lot of credit to the staff if you think about where we were several years ago a lot of tension you know we've met with the advocates and hard informative the mayor's office and this board of supervisors and all the unions it was just really hostile investment and to get to a point where only 3 commissioners that are going to vote for this not 5 given the fact there's no rally outside talking about how bad we are and staff is here you know it's the way we operate nowadays we have a solid projecting pursuit we're
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going to talk up the marketing plan it is the number one provided in being conceive in having the things commissioner so i feel so comfortable and confidence we working together now we'll make this program success and so i'm so looking forward to be the general manager when we release this program it will be successful. >> very good i'll call the question arrest. > all in favor, say i. > >> i. >> opposed? the motion carries. >> (clapping.) that's it come on (clapping.) thank you and madam secretary if you will call the items in closed session. >> item 15 has been removed from the calendar and item 16 the existing litigation versus the city and county of san
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francisco and 7 by 7 is existing claim for the bbldz builders incorporate and items 15 through 25 removed if the calendar any public comment on the items in closed session? seeing none can i have a motion whether to assert >> assert the privilege. >> all in favor, say i. >> the motionsession. >> we're going back back in open session during closed session the commission approved items 16 we 7 by 7 and closed out a to the final payment of hundred and $978,000 with the rest for the subject of boards approval can you have a motion on whether to
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disclose the discussion. >> motion not to discolor and the motion carries do we have any other new business. >> there was an issue i want to raise we're getting real real good work probably for a couple of years silvers we make sure we credit the folks that did a lot of the heavy lift i'll be comfortable in reserving my points but it may not be popular reluctant to see public comment time reduced from where i come from oftentimes when advocates labor organizations even people that have got a lot of exclaiming when they take time
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out of their day to show up they meetings as much it may not inconvenient i think we have to be extremely conservative even if we have to go into the night open government and transcript are more important than anything else i want to make sure that people know it doesn't have to be repeated over and over but to limit public comment sometimes depending on the issue that becomes the source and that is the restraint that people take offense i want to say for the record and to void that people value the opportunity to participate and for us it's just another meeting
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for them the only time they show up i think that is necessary obviously conditioner it is not directed at you it is not directed as commissioner president caen i think appropriate voicing any opinion. >> i appreciate that and one of the things that one of the oddity of our public meeting if there is restriction of time you have to state that at the beginning of the meeting not make a judgment partway to the meeting to limit the testimony not knowing how many people will show up today knowing we have a mere quorum in attendance i wanted to make sure we keep our eye on this ball any other new business. >> i have a procedural question in terms of of time constraint
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that regime is not ours for the rest of the to be honest. >> there's a committee meeting later. >> so we have to carry on something else. >> we'll have to adjourn to another location or another time i appreciate we've had we tend to allows commissioner late in the average afternoon and this is something as part of our obligation to hear public comment testimony we need to be committed to the notion we'll stick to that is the issue we have to recognize that as a obligations as well okay without any other new business you wanted to mention about the room. >> yeah. the room and
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commissioners. >> okay. then thank you without any further business this meeting is adjournedadjourned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ hello and welcome to this presentation. i'm san francisco purrs since that time we've helped people clean up their criminal records. we created this to help you understand how this worked. we'll plan or explain all the steps. after watching this program you'll know what to expect after completing the process. hi there are i'm deputy and i'm part of the clean slate team. the first thing we will need to know whether your despicable to have our convictions dismissed can't be on parole or currently charged with a crime or serving
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a sentence and it must be from san francisco. while your colleagues will get to know your circumstances there are 3 steps. getting the clean slate process started it simple you can get them done in the same day. first fill out an application and they can be opinioned on sf next you'll obtain a copy of your rap sheet that's a rap sheet going 80 the hall of justice at 850 bryant street on the fourth floor. the bureau is open monday through friday from 8 to 5.
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it's located one block away from the public defender's office you'll need to bring our photo id. finally, there's your our own your rap sheet to the front desk. you'll receive a letter from 2 to three weeks explaining the next steps. let's review the 3 steps if that fillist the police stations and on your police station and 3 deliver our rap sheet and application $0.40 to the defender. it can help with financial aid for colleagues. i want you to meet a client who did the clean slate program he refunds a nonprofit literary series. please meet joe.
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peep at the clean slate program worked with me today, i i am an author of 3 books a husband and a father would you recommend clean slight to another person >> i would definitely recommend that. so, now you have a better understanding of the gibt address benefits of the clean slate program as well as highway to get started. let's hear some common questions. keep in mind those are general questions you'll you may be seated with an attorney who be provide more information based on our circumstances >> just to be clear i don't have to tell my employers will my ejections. >> yes. as well as convictions
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that have been dismissed. if someone runs a criminal background they'll see the charges but it's dismissed. you will be able to legally tell your employers person never convicted >> i don't to tell anyone is there a way to rears them. >> there's some cases you can. maybe you're arrested because police thought you were someone else. wound our arrest record is sealed you can say you were never >> if i wanted to clear my record if i was convicted of a felon. >> it is also known as a one
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letter officer the clean stating hit. >> may be able to get it raersz but if i went to prisoner you may quality for a correspondent certified document saying you're a lay abating citizen are. you had should be aware for some state jobs state agencies are allotted to consider our criminal history. those jobs are private security jobs health care workers and other careers involving the children the i can sick or elder. it will benefit you human resources here's some of the things clean slate can't do it doesn't prevent an old
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conviction to there the sense of a new criminal action. the court might connotes more sentences even if it been submit you can't own or polgs possess a firearm. if it bars you from carrying an firearm eclipsing our record won't change that. submittal doesn't rove a sex ejection. if you're required to register as a sex offender that process will continue even if your record has been cleared, however, other forms of royalties maybe eligible. we look forward to helping you move forward with your life ♪ ♪ so, now you know a little bit more about the program we
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encourage you to apply go the sf purifying or stop by any place for our clean slate program. our team looks forward to serving .
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>> >> america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all roll call please commissioner makras commissioner cohen commissioner bridges commissioner driscoll commissioner meiberger commissioner paskin-jordan commissioner stansbury is out of town we have quorum great, thank you i will continue item number 3 the minutes of march 11 4r7d i'd like them to come back and spell all the amendments at that time rfp for the hedge fund more